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Absurd Person Singular

Absurd Person Singular is a hilarious comedy written in 3 Acts, about 3 couples, over 3 consecutive Christmases.

A three-act play about three wildly incompatible married couples who spend three consecutive Christmas Eve dinners together. The play is based on the changing fortunes of these diverse couples. Imagine that all your worst Christmases have arrived at once! A delightful comedy of errors! Alan Ayckbourn at this best.

The first party takes place at Sidney and Jane Hopcroft’s kitchen. In preparation for the arrival of their important guests, who Sidney is particularly keen to impress, the couple frantically rushes around to get their home ready. Sidney has some fun games lined up and Jane hopes that her neat little kitchen will impress the ladies. The first guests to arrive are Ronald and Marion Brewster-Wright. Ronald is a successful banker and is often indifferent and oblivious to those around him. His wife is a hoot but drinks a little too much gin. The second guests to arrive are Geoffrey and Eva Jackson. Geoffrey is an attractive man and we quickly learn that he enjoys bragging about the many affairs he has with other
women. Eva is unstable and takes pills more often than prescribed.

The second party takes place in the kitchen of Geoffrey and Eva’s apartment. The evening begins with Geoffrey complaining about work and telling Eva he thinks it’s best if he were to go live with Sally, one of his lovers. Eva then reacts to this in a silent, comical way by trying to commit suicide, whilst all the other characters carry on around her, not noticing what she is trying to do.

The third party takes place in the Brewster-Wright’s kitchen. Marion is drunk and won’t come out of her room, whilst Ronald bores the Jacksons with the history of his uneventful life. The party is heading south until the uninvited Hopcroft’s arrive and get everyone up and dancing with their hysterical game of Musical Forfeits.

Available Dates: Opening Night Special of 2 for 1!

Absurd Person Singular
20 – 28 April 2018
From R100


Day Date Time
Friday 20th April 7:30pm
Saturday 21st April 3:00pm
Saturday 21st April 7:30pm
Thursday 26th April 7:30pm
Friday 27th April 7:30pm
Saturday 28th April 3:00pm
Saturday 28th April 7:30pm

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