London Suite

London Suite

London Suite, written by Pulitzer Prize winner, NEIL SIMON, follows the pattern of his other plays CALIFORNIA SUITE and PLAZA SUITE.

This time Simon crosses the Atlantic for a suite of hilarious comedies set in a deluxe London hotel, a sedate place until these couples check in. Audiences can expect to laugh at the comedy, enjoy the farce, be moved by the romance, and sympathize with the conflicts.

There are 4 different stories in the suite: The first, Settling Accounts, tells the story of Brian, a successful author who has caught Billy, his manager, trying to run off with his money.

The second tells the story of Sharon and Lauren Semple, a mother and daughter on a shopping trip. Lauren convinces her mother to go on a date with an older gentleman they met on the plane.

The next story is about Diana and Sidney, a divorced couple; she is a very successful actress, and he is living with his male lover. He claims to want to borrow money to help his partner who is dying of cancer.

The last play tells the story of Mark and Ann Ferris, in London to watch Wimbledon. Their plans are put on hold when they lose the tickets, Mark’s back gives out and they are to move suites as they have accidentally been given the wrong suite.

Neil Simon has a keen insight to the human Condition. He can make an audience laugh, or cry, at the drop of a hat.

LONDON SUITE makes it easy for an audience to laugh, and that’s what the world need now…. A good laugh!

Available Dates & Tickets

London Suite
22 – 28 Jan
From R100


Day Date Time
Sunday 22nd January 2:30pm
Wednesday 25th January 8pm
Thursday 26th January 8pm
Friday 27th January 8pm
Saturday 28th January 2:30pm
Saturday 38th January 6:30pm

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  1. Erwin January 8, 2017 | Reply
    We would have booked for the 38th of JAN, but my calendar didn't find this day so far in the future. Regards - Erwin
    • HHDS January 8, 2017 | Reply
      This is a new rule added in 2017, we now have up to 38 days a month ;) Thanks for spotting the typo Erwin! Can always count on our patrons to keep us on our toes :)

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