Snow Globe

The Snow Globe

Once upon a time there lived 5 Royal Queens in a castle surrounded by a beautiful garden filled with happy Royal Princesses, Flower Sellers, Garland Girls, Rainbows and Butterflies. The sun shone brightly and made everyone happy and content.

The Royal Princesses danced all day and collected flowers to give the Royal Queens for their rooms. But 6 evil witches lived just outside the palace walls and were jealous of all the happiness and laughter coming from the palace gardens. One day when all the baby Ladybirds and Bees went to sleep after dancing away joyfully with the Royal Princesses they stole all of them and locked them in a giant Snow Globe so that they could never escape.

Luckily the Royal Princesses saw what had happened and followed them secretly to try and save the baby Ladybirds and Bees.

Once inside the Snow Globe they watched all the beautiful snow characters dancing for them. The Icicles gave them magic bubbles that would open up the Snow Globe and free the Ladybirds and Bees. Once back in the palace gardens everyone danced joyfully in celebration.

Please come and join all 135 of us on this magical adventure!!

To book or buy tickets, call: Ursula Bartolini on 082 380 8135


Day Date Time
Thursday 28th Sept 4:30pm
Friday 29th Sept 7:30pm
Saturday 30th Sept 2:30pm & 7:30pm

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