CLOSED for Absurd Person Singular!

AUDITION CLOSED for Absurd Person Singular!

Show Details:
AUDITION NOTICE! for Absurd Person Singular!
A play by Alan Ayckbourn
Directed by Kelly Westraad

Audition Dates & Times:
18th Feb 2018 at 6pm

Audition Location:
The Playhouse Threate Somerset West

Performance Dates:
Between 21st – 23rd December 2017 HHDS will be hosting a Christmas Musical Variety show.


A three-act play about three wildly incompatible married couples who spend three consecutive Christmas Eve dinners together. The play is based on the changing fortunes of these diverse couples. Imagine that all your worst Christmases have arrived at once!


Sidney Hopcroft In his 30s (audition age 20-35 years)
A middle-class contractor eager for social and professional development who will do anything to impress his superiors even at the expense of his marriage. He is initially portrayed as mediocre and talentless, but as the play progresses he gains wealth and becomes a pathetic, aggressive and arrogant man.  

Jane Hopcroft In her 30s (audition age 20-35 years)
A stereotypical TV commercial wife who is obsessed with cleanliness.  She is eager to please others and plays the sympathetic character in the play.

Geoffrey Jackson In his 30s (audition age 20-40 years)
A confident, attractive and highly charismatic character that loses all his charisma by the end of the play.  He thinks highly of himself and has affairs with other woman.

Eva Jackson In her 30s (audition age 20-40 years)
An unstable and depressed character who tries to commit suicide in grotesque ways while the other characters ignore or misinterpret her actions.  She gains control of her life towards the end of her play.  

Ronald Brewster-Wright In his 40s (audition age 30-50 years)
A banker who is initially seen as a successful man who takes pride in his work and enjoys the finer things in life.  He later becomes shockingly indifferent and oblivious to other people’s feelings.  He is unsatisfied with his marriage.

Marion Brewster-Wright  In her 40s (audition age 30-40 years)
A fabulously posh, but insecure woman who by the end of Act 2 becomes a raging alcoholic.

Audition requirements:

Come with one of these characters in mind, but I would like you to audition for all the characters of your gender.  No need to prepare anything.  We will have an evening of fun whilst reading the script and playing improvisation games based on the characters in the play.

For more information contact Kelly on 072 142 1584


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  1. André Heunis February 22, 2018 |
    Good day, I would like to know if all the male roles for this production has been filled? Kind regards, André Heunis
    • HHDS March 8, 2018 |
      Hi Andre, please contact Kelly on 072 142 1584 for any updates to this specific show, thank you :)
  2. Sebastian February 22, 2018 |
    I would have loved to audition for this, but I didn`t receive a notice even though I signed up for the RSS. Can admin help at all?
    • HHDS March 8, 2018 |
      Sorry about the confusion Sebastian, we have since fixed the RSS to be only newsletter signups. If you would like to signup again, you will be alerted to all our new shows and audition notices well ahead of time :)