HHDS Charity Support

HHDS Charity Support

v.l.r.: Lindsay Small, Des McLeod, Onno Zaayer

As a dramatic society, there is a long history of supporting local charities in the area with our shows. In the past, one night was offered to a specific charity at a reduced rate; this was called a gala night. The charity then sold the tickets to that show to raise money.

However, in recent years, it has become more difficult for the charities to sell enough tickets to warrant their expenses, and it was becoming difficult to perform for smaller and smaller audiences.

As a result, a new strategy has been developed, whereby a win-win situation is created for everyone: the charity, the theatre and the audience. Each production will be ‘dedicated’ to a specific charity. They will receive a portion of the ticket sales and in return they will help to promote the show to their supporters. It’s much easier on the charity, as the pressure to fill one night’s seats is off. Their supporters can watch the show on any night they prefer, rather than having to go to one particular show. The theatre also benefits from having larger audiences and more widespread advertising.

This new approach was tried for the first time with Amadeus, which supported ECHO Erinvale. It proved to be a great success for everyone involved. This week we proudly handed over a cheque (or rather in this day and age it’s actually an EFT) to them. Smiles resulted all around and it felt wonderful to be supporting a charity and having a well supported theatre each night.

The upcoming shows and their respective charities are:

To Kill A Mockingbird, 16–26 May 2014; Masikhule Early Childhood Development
Annie, 14–28 June 2014; Sunflower Fund
Sleuth, 14 July–2 August 2014: Helderberg Hospice

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