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Cinderella the Panto

A much-anticipated family pantomime complete with foot-tapping songs and all the characters you know and love. This magical, brand new production is everybody`s favourite fairy tale about the kitchen maid with the heart of gold, who wins the hand of a handsome prince.

Available Dates:

Cinderella the Panto
26 Apr – 4 May 2019
From R110


Day Date Time
Friday 26 Apr 7:30pm
Saturday 27 Apr 3pm
Saturday 27 Apr 7:30pm
Sunday 28 Apr 3pm
Sunday 28 Apr 7:30pm
Monday 29 Apr 7:30pm
Wednesday 1 May 7:30pm
Thursday 2 May 7:30pm
Friday 3 May 7:30pm
Saturday 4 May 3pm
Saturday 4 May 7:30pm

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  1. Sanet vd Merwe April 10, 2019 | Reply
    How long is the show? Is there discount for children under 10?
    • HHDS April 11, 2019 | Reply
      Hello Sanet The show is normal length for a musical/song and dance show - Act 1 is maybe 1 hour 10 minutes; 15-20 minute interval; Act 2 around 40 mins. There is only one price for the tickets, unless you book for 10 or more in which case there is a discount of R 10 per ticket.
  2. Maggie April 11, 2019 | Reply
    Hi, i m a bit confused. We just bought 4 tickets as we want to see the shouw with our 3.5y old and 2y old, but is says no under 4's could you please clarify the age restriction? It only came up AFTER we bought the tickets. Thank you
    • HHDS April 13, 2019 | Reply
      Hi Maggie, apologies for the delayed response. This is a full length production of 2 hours which is very long for toddlers - parents usually end up having to leave during the show due to tears or tiredness - hence the age guidance. Ultimately it is your choice though. We have a children’s show coming in the July holidays which is very toddler-friendly and which has daytime shows, too. It’s The Adventures of the Gingerbread Man.
  3. Jo-Ann Moses April 29, 2019 | Reply
    Good day Please advise if a 2.5 year old child needs to buy a full price ticket as a seat is not required the child will be on the parents lap for the show. Thank you
    • HHDS April 30, 2019 | Reply
      Hi Jo-Ann, we are sorry but the child must have a ticket as no children are allowed on laps. Please note the age suggestion is 4 and above as this is a full length show and children under that age may get uncomfortable and distracted.
  4. Laura May 2, 2019 | Reply
    Hi, please make the 'age suggestion' obvious next time. I have read your posts above so I understand your reasoning. In the blurb it does say its family theatre which made me not hesitate to buy a ticket for my daughter. Its put a damper on what will hopefully be a fun theatre experience for my two children and their cousin.
  5. Tracy May 4, 2019 | Reply
    A suggestion for future children shows is to have the evening starting time earlier, maybe 6pm. I wanted to take my 5 year old tonight but it ends a bit late.
    • HHDS May 13, 2019 | Reply
      Thank you for your suggestion Tracy, we will take that into consideration :)

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