CLOSED for Act Naturally

AUDITION CLOSED for Act Naturally

Show Details:
AUDITION NOTICE! for Act Naturally
An HHDS production
Directed by Giles Scott

Audition Dates & Times:
Sunday 22 April 2018 6:30pm

Audition Location:
The Playhouse Threate Somerset West

Performance Dates:
17 to 30 June 2018.

Cast: 4 women & 3 men. {details below}.

“Act Naturally” is a comedy in two very different parts {or is it two comedies?}
Act One is ‘just’ a committee meeting: albeit more chaotic than most.

The Fannington Historic Sites Preservation Society urgently needs to raise funds.

The committee decide to write and stage a play.

It will be fun“, they agree. And “how hard can it be?”

Act Two is their play: It is hilariously dreadful!

Come along and give it a try!

Show Details:
Further details of the cast, rehearsal & show dates, and scripts available on request:

All parts of similar size and importance, except as noted below:


  • Judith (18 – 35)
    • Newly-elected Secretary of the Historical Society
    • Works in the same office as Lionel …. (?!)
    • ‘not the sharpest pencil in the box’ (in either Act)
  • Mildred (Very old!)
    • Honorary President of the Historical Society
    • ‘a character’ (who doesn’t care what you think of her)
    • Plays a Bag Lady in Act 2
  • Bea (30 – 60)
    • A ‘hippie’ (wears tie-&-dye trousers)
    • Related to Mildred; they have a ‘robust’ relationship
    • Plays a very different part in Act 2
  • Megan (25 – 55)
    • Working mum (with-it & capable)
    • Wife of Lionel. Putting on a play is her idea
    • Plays the investigating Detective Inspector in Act 2


  • Lionel (30 – 60) [Male lead]
    • Treasurer of the Historical Society
    • Writes the ‘Who Dunnit’ they all perform in Act 2
    • Plays a Park Warden in ‘his’ play (Act 2)
  • Rupert (40 – 80)
    • Chairman of the historical Society
    • Probably an Oxbridge man (a bit posh)
    • Plays the Lord of the Manor in Act 2
  • Ted (18 – 35) [Comes in late in Act One]
    • A police constable
    • and wanna-be stand-up comedian
    • Acts (badly!) the part of a Police Constable in Act 2


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5 Comments Added

  1. Lily Mulryan March 27, 2018 |
    Hi I would just like to know if we need to prepare anything for the audition? Also, do we just simply arrive to the auditons or do we have to sign up for them? Thank you.
    • Giles Scott April 23, 2018 |
      Hi Lily I sent 2 emails to [redacted for security purposes] about the "Act Naturally" audition, but got no reply. I hope I was given the correct email address? If you are still interested i really need to hear from you urgently, as the final audition will be either tomorrow or Wednesday (24 or 25 April) . Thanks, Giles Scott (Director of "Act Naturally") EDITORS NOTE: the email is confirmed to be the correct email.
  2. Louise Montanari March 28, 2018 |
    I would like to audition for the two either Mildred or Bea. I have not acted since my teenage years. I was involved in many productions at school. My mother also put up many productions at her church. I enjoyed acting at these times and am not 100 percent sure that I can fall back into it. My husband passed away a year ago and I feel I need to find a way to re-enter society. I have no doubt that you will be able to establish if I have still got what it takes.
  3. Trevor Le Gonidec April 5, 2018 |
    Do you have an electronic copy of the Act Naturally script? Would like to read through it, if you could send to me please.
    • HHDS April 18, 2018 |
      Hi Trevor, for further details of the cast, rehearsal & show dates, and scripts please contact the director: