CLOSED for Cinderella the Pantomime

AUDITION CLOSED for Cinderella the Pantomime

Show Details:
AUDITION NOTICE for Cinderella the Pantomime

Audition Dates & Times:
Sunday 2nd Dec 2018 @ 6:30 pm

Audition Location:
The Playhouse Threate Somerset West

Call-backs and audition dates for the band/orchestra:
Sunday 10th June 2018.

Contact us on for an audition slot – provide your name, age and role that you would like to audition for. We are a community theatrical company, please note that there is no remuneration for involvement in the production.


No need to sign up – just show up and show off! Please prepare a song from any musical to sing, backtracks are acceptable and a piano will be available. You will be given a piece to read on the day and taught a simple piece of movement.


Many actors of various ages needed! 

Once upon a time the most magical pantomime of them all came to the Playhouse Theatre… The midnight clock is counting down the hours before the curtain goes up on the greatest pantomime of all time, Cinderella. This magical production will have you laughing in the aisles and is a perfect Easter Holiday treat for all the family. This classic story tells the tale of Cinderella, her bossy ugly step sisters, an evil wicked stepmother and a handsome Prince Charming. Will Cinders get to the ball in time? Can the Fairy Godmother turn a pumpkin into a magical coach? Will Buttons save the day? With hit songs, laugh-out-loud routines, sparkling costumes and lots of audience participation, Cinderella is the one panto you have to see in 2019. Written and directed by Darryl J Spijkers, music by Jon-Paul Ruschenbaum, costume design by Heather Ferguson and set design by Zanodean Cassiem.

SHOW DATES: Rehearsals will commence late January.

  • 26 April 19:30
  • 27 April 15:00 & 19:30
  • 28 April 15:00 & 19:30
  • 29 April 19:30
  • 1 May 19:30
  • 2 May 19:30
  • 3 May 19:30
  • 4 May 15:00 & 19:30

Available Roles:

  • Cinderella: Female (Teenage to Adult) – the heroine, kind hearted and long suffering. Must have a solo singing voice.
  • Skipper and Licker: Male/Female (Children 7 to 13) – Cinderella’s two adopted street puppies, her friends and helpers. Must have solo singing voices.
  • Prince Charming: Male/Female (Teenage to Adult) – A dashing fellow. Heir to the throne and seeking a bride who will love him for who he is, not what he is. Solo singing voice a bonus.
  • Buttons: Male (Teenage to Adult) – The fun-loving link man character. Clever, quick-witted and fast talking, he loves Cinderella from afar and wants only the best for her. Solo singing voice a bonus.
  • Megan Sparkle, Duchess of Allsex: Male (Adult) – Step-Sister to Cinders and a thoroughly nasty piece of work. Dim, daft and dangerous! Singing voice required.
  • Kate Middle-toon, Duchess of Sandwich: Male (Adult) – The second Step-Sister to Cinders and equally nasty! Singing voice required.
  • Queen Chameleon: Male/Female (Adult) – The evil step mother to Cinderella. Singing voice required.
  • Fairy Godmother: Female (Adult) – A kind hearted and all-powerful sprite who will make sure that everyone gets the ending that they deserve! Must have a solo singing voice.
  • Baron Phillip: Male (Adult) – A rather confused, muddled character who loves his daughter Cinderella, but is bullied and battered by his new wife and Step-daughters. Non-singing role.
  • Poon-tang: Female/Male (Teenage to Adult) – Aide and confidante to Prince Charming. Solo singing voice a bonus.
  • Edmund Tutu: Male (Teenage to Adult) – Palace official. A pompous and rather foolish fellow. Solo singing voice a bonus.
  • Chorus & Dancers: (Adults and Children) – Townsfolk, animals, guests at the ball, servants, etc. Group singing will be required.
Show Details:
If you have any queries, please contact us on:
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