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This captivating drama depicts the witchcraft purge in historic Salem as a potent reflection of modern society. It delves into how minor falsehoods can snowball into widespread suspicion within a close-knit community. Personal grudges intertwine with desires and superstitions, igniting mass hysteria. Arthur Miller's enduring allegory condemns senseless persecution and the destructive influence of baseless accusations.

A small group of girls falsely accuses townspeople of witchcraft to conceal their own involvement in the occult. Led by Abigail Williams, these accusations lead to the formation of a court to investigate. Among those ensnared in the trials are John and Elizabeth Proctor, a couple facing marital strife. John, who had an affair with Abigail, becomes entangled further when she accuses Elizabeth, aiming to replace her. Striving to clear his wife's name, John faces betrayal as Abigail targets him. The story, inspired by true events, concludes tragically as John is arrested for witchcraft. Faced with the dilemma of saving himself by confessing falsely or maintaining his innocence and tarnishing his reputation, John grapples with an impossible choice.

For the shows on Thursday the 29th (19:30) and the 31st August (14:30), we would like to invite all students for a Q&A with the cast crew after the shows' conclusion.

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