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Shiraz Band

Shiraz Band

Musical Band

Shiraz Band


  • Helen Dooley - Musical Director, Keyboard, Vocals

  • Bob Walsh - Bass Guitar, Vocals

  • Terry Weyer - Guitar, Drums, Vocals

  • Anne Walsh - Vocals, Costumes, Choreography, Sound, Lighting

  • Allen Stidworthy - Keyboard & Assistant Orchestral Arranger (from 2008)

  • Estelle Louw - Keyboard (from 2005)

Having been part of a successful international recording band, The Dooleys, Anne, Bob and Helen emigrated to Somerset West in the early 1980’s. Wishing to maintain their love for music in their lives, they formed a band (later called Shiraz) and became a well-known crucial part of any local function, including Carols by Candlelight and as the most popular participants in the Sunset Concert Series at the Helderberg Nature Reserve.

The first show they saw at the Playhouse was the Wizard of Oz, directed by Lindy Scott. So impressed with how professional the production was, Helen put her name down as “interested in helping with make-up”.

In the 90’s Anne was awarded the part of Mrs Mole in the production of “The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole” and went on to win Best Actress. When the Directors decided to include the musical numbers, Helen and Bob were introduced to Terry Weyer, and “The Mole Band” was formed.

Having spent a few years already in the orchestra pit on drums, Terry introduced them to the wonderful world of creating digital backing tracks and after replacing himself with a “digital” drummer, he stashed away his drum sticks and picked up his guitar.

Over the many productions, the band name has changed - the “Magic” band, the “Pan” band, the “Band from Atlantis” - you get the idea - and the line-up has included Chris Walsh on guitar and Logan Scott on drums (the Trends for Slice, 1999).

The band also has also performed in productions put on by Somerset House Preparatory School, including A Twist of Oliver, A Tale of Two Cities and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat.

In later years, Allen & Estelle were welcomed to the line-up and “The Shiraz Band” became the theatre equivalent of a household name.

2020 has seen the postponement of two productions; A Slice of Saturday Night and the Sound of Music. Prior to the lockdown, these productions were set to introduce Mike Prenter on guitar and Chris Burgess on drums.


  • The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole 

  • Think of the Magic

  • Neverland

  • Dreams of Atlantis

  • Slice of Saturday Night

  • Showstoppers

  • Slice of Saturday Night

  • Annie

  • Grease

  • The Wizard of Oz

  • Showstoppers: Saturday Night at the Movies

  • A Slice of Saturday Night (upcoming 2020)

  • The Sound of Music (upcoming 2021)


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