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Helderberg Book Festival for Self Publishers

Helderberg Book Festival for Self Publishers


Experience the inaugural Fringe Fireside Chats in 2023!

Are you an Indie author, small business publisher, or reader looking to gain insight into the creativity of the self-publishing world? Join us from 11 to 13 August 2023 for fringe fireside chats in the Somerset West Winelands. This revolutionary book festival is dedicated to independent, unaffiliated writers, and will feature talks on how to become a successful Indie author, with speakers from the service industry for self publishing, as well as chats with self-published authors.

Take advantage of the cosy indoor venues, fireside chats or book corners to hear from our great line up of speakers. Soak up the atmosphere as you mingle with like-minded self-starters, or explore the accommodation and restaurant specials which will be posted closer to the event. This is a unique concept, and one suited to an August winter market. Don't miss out on this opportunity to join the Fringe Fireside Chats and be part of a new kind of festival.

Experience chats with Indie authors

Learn from speakers from the self-publishing service industry

Take advantage of accommodation and restaurant specials

Join us in August and take part in our inaugural event. You won't want to miss out on the Fringe Fireside Chats!

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