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The Little Mermaid, a Pantomime

The Little Mermaid, a Pantomime


The Little Mermaid is a well-known story about a little mermaid, Ariel, who falls in love with a human prince, gives up her voice and tail to kiss him, and then lives her happily ever after on land. While this rendition of The Little Mermaid starts off the same, it will not end as you expect.

Ariel has eight sisters who bring sass to the stage, while trying to be the best big sisters. Her closest and most forgetful friend, Dory, tries her best to help, but often just makes things worse. Sebastian is a clever little crustacean, but can he handle Ariel's desire to make her own choices? Perhaps Scuttle's crazy ideas and love for human artifacts inspire Ariel to make the decision that get her into trouble.

This adapted story of The Little Mermaid will have you laughing, maybe crying, and sitting on the edge of your seat wondering how this story will end. What will Ariel decide in the end?

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